The quality of your retirement largely depends on the financial decisions you make leading up to retirement. Annuities can offer tax-deferred savings, competitive interest rates, and a guaranteed stream of income you can’t outlive.

Annuities are policies sold by insurance companies that accumulate cash value and offer various methods of settlement when the customer wants their money. We’re here to help you take the guesswork out of your financial future and prepare for the changes life can bring.


  • Can be paid by customer in installments over years or a single payment.
  • Money accumulates tax deferred inside the policy until the money is taken out by client.
  • Insurance company offers clients several settlement options when they get ready to take their money:  cash, 10 years certain, 10 years certain/with survivorship, Life, etc.
  • Insurance departments make insurance companies reserve annuities at $1 for $1, which makes them a very safe investment.
  • Can be purchased individually or as a group.


  • Client can save money without paying taxes on interest until he/she takes it out (not like CD’s)
  • Client has settlement options that Banks will not offer.
  • Very high satisfaction rating for anyone that has ever had an annuity.


  • Tax penalties if you take money out before 59 1/2 years of age.
  • Not FDIC insured.

Annuity Rates

*As of October 2016

3 Year Athene1.80%
4 Year Oxford2.00%
5 Year Athene2.40%
6 Year Oxford2.40%
7 year Athene2.50%
8 Year Oxford2.60%
9 Year Oxford2.70%
10 Year Oxford2.80%

** This is an insurance product. Rates are subject to change. These products are NOT a deposit, NOT FDIC insured, NOT insured by any Federal Government agency, NOT guaranteed by the bank, and may go down in value.